When Data and Information Flows Converge with Human Anxieties
We Guide You Through the Vulnerabilities of Uncertainty and Change
Unique Integrated Behavioral Expertise
PhD Behavioral Economics. Post Doc Dynamic Psychology
Research Based Consulting and Education


Leslie Shaw holds an MBA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Chicago. After her PhD she pursued post doc training at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and graduated from the five year program for Research and Special Training Candidates. Leslie has a decade of traditional management consulting and executive search experience prior to returning to the University of Chicago for PhD studies. 

Her doctoral expertise is on understanding and limiting overconfidence in judgment. She is dedicated, now, to an integrated approach of Dynamic Psychology along with Behavioral Economics thinking. The goal is for leadership and management experience to become more constructive with insight than destructive from fear.


For General Management Consulting firms:

Education and Coaching for professional firms so that their own skilled attempts to improve or transform organizations do not become costly investments with implementation probabilities that fail.

For Any Organization:

Education and Confidential Coaching for specialized needs within any management function.


Greed: Sex, Money, Power, and Politics

2011, International Psychoanalytic Books, New York


The Global Financial Crisis and It's Aftermath: Hidden Factors in the Meltdown

2016, Oxford Press


Selected Papers

A Sustainable Understanding of Instability in Minds and Markets, 2016, in The Global Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath

A Psychodynamic Perspective on the Financial Crisis, 2011, in Greed: Sex, Money, Power and Politics

The Uncanny and Long Term Capital Management, Jan. 2005 in International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, pp271-294

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